April 23, 2015 5016 likes 61 replies

At some stage this weekend the Insight Timer community will reach a collective milestone.

Twenty million meditation sessions!

A journey is often more interesting than its destination. And we have many more miles ahead. But sometimes, just for a moment, it's nice to reflect on the road already travelled.

So for the statisticians amongst us, you might be interested to know that the total amount of time spent meditating on Insight Timer is...

417,672,037 minutes, or
290,050 days, or
794.66 years

Every day our community meditates for a total time of 470 days. That's 16 months of mediation every single day!

At this rate our community will reach 10,000 YEARS of collective meditation on 21 November 2034 - just 19 years from now :)

Together we are making a difference.

With much love and gratitude
Christopher and Nicholas