September 21, 2016 801 likes 98 replies

Hello my friends

Today is International Peace Day. For some this is a cause for celebration. For others it's a reminder of how far we have to go.

For me it's a reminder that this community is unique.

We may not have the most downloads or the shiniest interfaces, but I believe deeply that there are more regular meditators on Insight Timer than anywhere else.

Each day we return to sit, to share, to reflect and to evolve. We have diverse practices and beliefs, yet we are singularly united.

This means each one of you is already an agent for peace... just by showing up each day and being part of this community. Yesterday over 100,000 of you showed up to meditate in a single day - more than ever before. And there are now over 1.1 million of us who call Insight Timer home.

So yes, today is International Peace Day.

But let's make tomorrow a day of peace as well.

By showing up here again.

Just like you did today.

With my deepest gratitude

PS: To coincide with International Peace Day we've updated our website to make sharing meditations and teachers with your friends easier. How about we each get a new friend to show up tomorrow.