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Hello my friends

Today for the first time we are making this announcement in 22 languages. Our volunteer ambassadors are posting translations in 22 new Insight language groups so that all users - regardless of language, race or religion - are unified as one. To our non-English speaking users - HELLO MY FRIENDS! Even though we speak different languages we are deeply connected through meditation and this community.


​​​IPHONE​​​ & ANDROID devices (93% of users).

1.5 is was released into the app stores last night. Depending on your device, it could take up to SEVEN days to appear in the app stores. Please note you will automatically start seeing some new designs today EVEN BEFORE you download the new app. Many strange things may happen as key navigation items will be missing until you upgrade. (If you still see the old beige banner at the top of the screen, you haven't upgraded yet).



IPAD devices (5% of users)

We do not have a release for your device today but we will provide one within weeks. However you will automatically experience new designs in sections like Groups, Community and Guideds without doing anything. Unfortunately, until we provide the iPad update, certain aspects of Insight Connect may not function properly. (We are sorry for this but the migration process has many moving parts and cannot be completed in one step). The Timer will function normally.


AMAZON STORE devices (2% of users)

We do NOT yet have a release for your device. You may also experience new designs in sections like Groups and Guideds without doing anything. At this stage we do not know when a device update will be provided.



1.5 is a stepping stone towards 2.0 and still contains many bugs. You will still encounter frustrations. If you find a bug please email us at (do not post bugs here). We may not reply - but we WILL read it. If you know how to add a screenshot please do. We will be making regular weekly updates between now and Christmas as we discover new bugs.

We are committed to improving speed. 1.5 sits on a new hosting infrastructure. But it will take us 30 days to calibrate and implement caching.

We have made very few changes to the Timer in 1.5 - these will arrive in 2.0 (We've started testing new timer features in a 2.0 prototype - the ambient background sounds are mesmerising! We can't wait to share this with you all in a few months time).

We will be launching a new website in the coming weeks


The team is ready and waiting to squash the bugs!

With much gratitude
Christopher and Nicholas