September 18, 2015 974 likes 61 replies

Hello my friends

Today I want to talk to you about Milestones.


Many of you express frustration that sessions don't count towards milestones when entered manually. This is particularly frustrating for users who attend retreats where electronic devices are banned.

We hear you. So from today this rule no longer applies. Now when entering a session manually it will automatically count towards your milestones.

To ensure milestone integrity is maintained this rule only applies to sessions that are entered within 14 days of the session date. (If you add a session manually after this 14 day window it will not display in your stats).


There is a nasty bug in the app that randomly misplaces sessions - which impacts on your Milestones. We have tried (and tried!) to identify the cause, without success. Insight 2.0 won't contain this bug. In the meantime we’ve developed an ‘over ride’ tool for retrieving missing sessions and correcting your Milestones. If you've been affected email our help desk ( and we'll take care of it for you.


Based on the feedback you provided in August we're drafting a new milestone concept that I'll be sharing next month. The problem we hope to address is a general perception in the community that milestones aren't 'accurate'.

For example a user can meditate for 10 days, have 1 day off then meditate for 10 days again, have 1 day off, and repeat the cycle 3 more times at which point they will achieve a green star. Yet another user who begins meditating for the first time on the same day and practices every day for 50 consecutive days will receive a green star, yet arguably their accomplishment is different and worthy of recognition due to the repetitive frequency.

As always we'll be seeking your input before deciding how to proceed.

That's it for now.