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Hello my friends.


Apple has just approved the latest iPhone update. If you are an iPhone user please update now. This update fixes the bug that caused a crash for some users. It also returns the missing Pause button.

Look for version 3.1.9 (white icon) or 12.1.9 (black icon) in the Apple App Store.



Because of the iPhone bug, we received a few negative reviews (approx 200) on the Apple App Store over the last 10 days. Apple doesn't provide developers with the ability to respond to user reviews so we had to just sit in silence and 'observe'. A wonderfully challenging learning experience for the team :)

Obviously 200 users from 600,000 is less than 0.03% of our community. A very small minority. The vast majority who've already updated are quietly meditating away. The community is meditating longer, playing more guided meditations, making more new friends, and posting more comments. All the things we hoped would happen, happened!

However unfortunately, if the majority who enjoy the update remain silent, then the 200 negative reviews become the only voice for all 600,000 of us. (It doesn't feel 'right' but that's the way these things work).

YOU CAN HELP us fix this...

If you are happy with the update, and support the changes, please make your support known publicly by rating our efforts on the Apple App Store and writing a few words. It takes two minutes to do and means everything to our team. (When I reached out to our Android users last week with the same request, they responded in force! Our Android app now has higher ratings than before the 1.5 release).


Finally, we also deployed a number of fixes last night:

- The Nearby feature is back. Click the "everywhere" filter below the map.
- You can now see which group members are meditating on the Everyone tab. To select this feature click the information tab within a specific group and turn On "Show members on homepage".
- It is now possible to see historical message threads when you click a user's Message button.
- The map now displays correctly for all users


Thank you everyone for hanging in with us during the transition. It was a long 10 days but things are running smoothly now. For the first time since Nicholas and I became custodians of this community in April we feel like we're making progress. And we can't wait to share the new Timer 2.0 with you in a few months time.

We are still working on two 1.5 items (iPad update and Android audio issue). I will provide ongoing updates in the Helpdesk and Feedback group. I will not make any further posts about the Transition in this group.

Signing off....

Much love and gratitude