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Hello my friends

Tomorrow is the last day of 2015 (in the Gregorian calendar). I thought it might be interesting to look back at what we've achieved during our first trip together around the Sun.

A few stats...

Over the year our total number of monthly meditation sessions grew by 50% (from 1 million sessions per month in January to 1.5 million sessions per month in December.) This is a very positive increase, especially given the significant update in November.

We also meditated for a total time of 292,409,348 minutes. This is the equivalent of roughly 5,000,000 hours. Or 205,000 days. Or 556 years.

A lot can be accomplished in 556 years. Just cast your mind back to 1459 AD :) Botticielli had yet to paint the Birth of Venus. Columbus had yet to set sail across the Atlantic. Henry VI was king of England. The Indian city of Jodhpur was founded by Rao Jodha of Marwar. And according to legend, a german doctor by the name of Christian Rosenkreuz discovered esoteric wisdom on a pilgrimage to the Middle East.

Fast forward to this year. We flew a spaceship 4.9 billion kilometres to Pluto for some celestial selfies. We tracked an exoplanet 470 million light years from Earth. And we found water on Mars. Just imagine what we might have accomplished when the Sun rises on the 1st January 2,571 AD. Who knows, perhaps it might be a different sun altogether!

In the last 365 days we streamed over 5 million guided meditations which is equivalent to 10 guided meditations per minute for every minute of 2015.

More than 200 new teachers became Insight publishers. We now have a total of 280 publishers and 880 guided meditations (up from 150 when we first became custodians of Insight Timer in April of this year).

Perhaps most exciting of all, every sunrise of 2015 our community woke to find more than 1,000 new meditators had joined Insight Timer the day before.


2016 - INSIGHT 2.0

We have a busy year ahead as we role out Insight 2.0.

Based on our learnings from 1.5 we've decided to split Insight 2.0 into two separate releases. This will give you time to familiarise yourself with features in a phased approach. And it will allow us to test more thoroughly.

The new Timer has been finished and we are now inviting volunteers to participate in our testing program. Depending on how long testing takes we hope to launch Timer 2.0 in late January. (Obviously it could be delayed depending on test results).

If you want to become an Insight tester please send an email to and include your device type and operating system in the subject heading. If you do not receive a response it means we already have enough volunteers. IMPORTANT: Please do not volunteer if you have only become an Insight Timer user recently (within the last three months) or you are unable to provide screenshots and written descriptions of basic technical concepts.

The second release will follow Timer 2.0 and contains hundreds of updates to every other part of the app. We received thousands of pieces of feedback about 1.5 - and this second release will address most of them and simplify many of the interfaces. It will include an entirely new way of browsing guided meditations, updates and simplifications to the Now and Profile screens, better stats and notifications and a few other surprises! We will be reaching out in due course for testers.

After the launch of Release 2 we will have concluded Insight 2.0 and the app will be entirely built on our new code base.


We are releasing a new update into the app store later this week which includes a number of enhancements as well as the 2 new Settings that we missed prior to Christmas. It includes:

- Turn off "Meditated with" screen
- Customise Open screen
- Fix so that the journal editor no longer covers the keyboard
- Landscape mode for Timer countdown screen and other sections of the app


It's going to be an exciting 6 months. We learned a great deal from our experience during 1.5 and we're excited to start sharing our capabilities with you without being restricted by the old code base - something we haven't been able to do until now.

There will still be challenging moments - and at times we will disappoint some of you. But we will listen and we will respond - as we always do - until we make things right.

Nicholas and I wish each and everyone of you a joyful 2016 full of light, love and happiness.