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Hello my friends



A new update is ready for download in the App Store now. The update provides a number of Timer enhancements and bug fixes.

- We've reintroduced 'List view' as the default setting for Interval bells. To toggle between List view or Timeline view click the icon at the top left of the Interval bell screen.
- We've reintroduced the ability to create an interval bell timed from the end of your session, rather than the start.

It's now possible to re-order and re-name your presets.

Device notification messages now take you straight to the relevant section of the app rather than the home screen. A huge time saver.

We've built a new screen for adjusting individual audio items. (Click the volume icon next to the start button). It is now possible to specify different volume levels for different sounds. So if you want louder bells but softer ambients, you can!

We are deeply sorry for this bug which was related to the new audio engine we implemented in April. We’ve been in regular contact with Apple and have made significant improvements. For most of our users, battery usage should now be normal. We will continue to make improvements so please let us know if you continue to experience issues.

The Timer now automatically resumes after an incoming phone call or text message. We're continuing to make improvements with this bug so let us know if you notice other applications which cause the Timer to pause indefinitely. (By the way, if you want to avoid incoming calls while meditating simply turn on the iOS "Do Not Disturb" feature. It won't affect your wifi - it will just turn off incoming phone calls).

We’ve fixed the colouring of the countdown screen so your custom pictures now look nicer! (For those that don't know, you can customise the background image on your countdown screen by going into Profile : Settings : Timer Settings). I use a photo of my children to remind me every day that our greatest teachers can be found in the most unexpected places :)

In May last year we presented surveys to you with new design ideas for replacing the brown colour scheme. More than 85% of respondents said they preferred the black and white option. So today we're changing the colour of the buttons and the links to Charcoal. (We've also made the text darker in some areas due to comments from some users that light grey was hard to read). The rest of the app stays exactly the same. The new look offers a simpler palette now and ties in nicely with the charcoal timer. Some of you will love it. Some of you might not!



The iOS battery issue was a major distraction this month - more than I care to admit - which delayed the release of the Android app. I'm happy to report we begin user testing next week so if you would like to join our Android testing program (for an early beta release) please email Once the user testing is complete we will release to the Google Play store.

When we launch Timer 2.0 for Android we are also going to undertake the complex task of merging our two Android apps into a single app. This is something we committed to last year because it means less complexity, more efficient customer support and fewer technical headaches :)

Android users with the black icon (Insight Timer Deluxe), will soon see a release containing a small but important piece of code which is necessary for the app merger. (It also must be installed before the release of Timer 2.0). Please download when it appears in the Google Play store.

Android users with the white icon (Insight Timer Meditation Timer) will not need to download a preliminary update.

Thank you to all our Android users for hanging in there with us. I know many of you are frustrated with the delays. But we are almost there.



We’ve made some improvements to our Guided Meditations section. We still have a long way to go.

- Bookmarks: A new filter to sort your bookmarks
- Playlists: My favourite. A new tab with curated collections that offer entry points into things like Sleep, Self-love, Mindfulness, Meditation for children, and Music.
- Trending: A new section with 3 new categories (New Today, Playing Now, and Popular this week). A great way to discover content each day.
- Browse: We've added more filtering tools so it’s easier to sort your results.

In June our Guideds library will pass more than 2,000 individual guided, yoga and music meditations. Our community is listening to more than 25,000 of them every 24 hours. That's a year's worth of listening every single day!

We're working closely with our publishers to bring you some exciting new developments later this year.

With much gratitude