April 12, 2015 108 likes 35 replies


Some of you have noticed more guided meditations appearing in the last few days.

Many of these were submitted some time ago but have been sitting in the approval queue, primarily because Brad (the previous owner) preferred to curate what was published.

Communities flourish longer when constituents have a say in how they’re run. And we believe that you the community (not us) are much better positioned to decide what content appears.

So we are now approving all guided meditations as soon as they are submitted. (Except those with poor audio quality).

Overtime as you continue to rate and review them, the best will naturally float to the top. And the less meaningful will become less visible.

Later this year we will add the ability for you to ‘tag’ each guided meditation with keywords, providing a more effective navigational structure for discovering new content (in much the same way Instagram uses hashtags). So users will be able to browse by duration, author, topic, and level (beginner, advanced etc).

We have also decided to cancel an existing rule which required every guided meditation to contain someone’s ‘voice’. Today we approved a guided meditation that contained a music track with no voice. It was beautiful.

Personally we hope to see more of these in the future, but as we’ve just mentioned, ultimately it will be you who decides. (If the community rates these ‘music’ meditations highly we will probably see a lot more of them. If not, we probably won’t!).

Finally, we would like to encourage you all to upload guided meditations as often as you like – especially those of you who are already teaching meditation. What a great way to continue interacting with your students and introducing yourself to this wonderful community.

One day we hope to become the largest source of guided meditations on the planet.

With much love and gratitude

P.S. We are aware of a bug that isn’t displaying some languages (such as French) in the filter at the top of the Guided meditation screen. We’re working hard to fix this. We are also adding new languages in the filter in the coming days.